Scan any document with one tap

ClearScan is a unique app, which allows you to scan documents by the camera and export them as PDF or Image easily. We focus on quality and provide you with only the best software.

Here is what our app has to offer

Onboarding available, meaning that you will be guided through all of the functions of our app.

You can convert documents and photos in multiple ways, such as: documents to PDF, PNG, or JPEG, images to PDF, PNG, or JPEG

Interface of our app is incredibly convenient for the users. There is nothing that could annoy you, and you will be able to figure out how everything works very quickly.

Convenience and functionality

You can take pictures of any document.

Еxport documents from library.

Store documents in our special library.

Software that really helps

ClearScan has a smart artificial intelligent algorithm, that takes pictures and automatically recognizes documents. You still can do it manually if you want.

Automatic or manual post-processing. Parameters can always be changed if needed.